Common Core

The latest curriculum adopted as a result of nationwide education reform in 2014, the Common Core is currently being implemented in Washington D.C. and 43 states in the U.S.
The Common Core specifies advanced mathematics and English standards as well as academic goal at each grade level. Such academic standards can deepen students’ knowledge and skills and prepare them for college, post-college employment, and a successful and productive life in the future.
At JCS, we identify incoming students’ English proficiency level through the English proficiency test currently used in Chicago Public Schools. Then, we develop an individualized instruction for each student known as the IEP, the most effective learning plan in many public schools and gifted education.
Moreover, we are offering globalized education in which students learn to think and solve problems through discussions and first-hand experience in an academically challenging environment within the framework of the Common Core.


JCS has incorporated the state of the art technology found in some of the most exclusive private schools in the U.S.
Every classroom is equipped with Smartboard so students can take advantage of smart technology. Furthermore, each student is supplied with a tablet PC to facilitate the experience of technology-driven learning. Also, owing to iReady, an online education program currently implemented in many prestigious private schools in the U.S., our students can study English and mathematics both at school and home without interruption.

Christian Education

The fruit of Christian education is Christian leadership.
JCS is committed to create a Christocentric learning environment for students to develop character, spirituality, and intellect to fulfill their Christian leadership potential. In addition to the in-class discussion of theoretical knowledge, social issues, and specialized academic areas, we are offering various opportunities for community service and social participation.
In mock trials sessions in the nation’s first and only mock trial facility, students assume the roles of judges, attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, plaintiffs, and defendants and learn to examine and discuss domestic and international issues from various angles in the current global age. This will instill in them a proper sense of Christian and social justice.