JCS has teamed up with Jirisan Hanok Village, City of NamWon for an annual learning exchange program. The village is the best place to experience the traditional cultural heritage and pure, unadulterated nature. Jirisan Campus Exchange Program starts every Spring (Elementary School students) and Fall (Middle & High School students) on JCS Jirisan Campus as a part of holistic education (character, spiritual, and intellectual development).

Spiritual Program

Participating students begin each day with meditation on the Word of God. In addition, they attend service at a local church. Through mutual intercession within intra-peer groups and inter-peer groups, students and teachers forgeunity and enjoy fellowship in a genuine koinonia setting. In a pilgrimage to Nogodan, students experience an early Christian village created by foreign missionaries and Christian predecessors and renew their faith and spiritual commitment as they reflect upon God’s grace and selfless dedication of the missionaries.

Academic Program

Accompanied by beautiful nature, students study such core academic subjects as English, Math, and Science. The breathtaking beauty of Jirisan hiking trail and Baekmudong valley, invaluable cultural wealth present in the birthplaces of renowned pansori singers and Jirisan Subjugation of Communist Guerilla Exhibition Hall, and national identity, self-esteem, and propriety deeply embedded in tea ceremony and the traditional elementary education will transform students into richer, fuller, and more active learners.

Volunteer Service Program

By visiting elderly people living alone, delivering lunch, cleaning the community welfare center, teaching English to children multicultural families, and assisting local farmers, we serve the local community and practice Christian charity and love. Furthermore, various small group activities have been designed to promote fellowship between students and teachers and mutual cooperation in a community setting.